I never would have grown as a calligrapher had it not been for the many wonderful teachers who have dedicated themselves to unselfishly sharing their knowledge with me. I feel a sense of debt when I think of these people, and I believe it is incumbent upon me to pay those kind acts forward. As with many artists, I seek to make the world a more beautiful place; with the average American viewing a few thousand words a day, I think letters might be a nice place to start! And, finally, I get great pleasure from introducing lettering arts to children—and so do they!—as it brings awareness at a young age and has positive affects on their work for years to come.
I have created workshops for students from kindergarten to retirees, and everything in-between. Please contact me to arrange a visit soon!

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The challenges of placing text on a page in a meaningful way can be a daunting leap for one who has never attempted to do so. Through a series of independent assignments, Rick will gently guide you through the process of taking your work from concept to completion, using easily acquired methods and processes. Using a review of two formal hands as a launching point, we will move on to explore layout, design, texture, pattern, nuance, and more in the process of interpreting the meaning of text through calligraphy. Guided exercises will introduce the use of watercolor, gouache, gold leaf and a wide range of papers.

This is your opportunity to enjoy two days in the studio with former White House chief calligrapher, Rick Paulus. With over 30 years experience in commercial calligraphy and fine-art calligraphy, Rick is eager to share his tips of the trade through the exciting forum of this workshop.

Beginner to intermediate. Beginners should be familiar with the use of a dip pen. Knowledge of a formal hand is helpful but not required.